Free chess exercise books in PDF format

This series of free chess exercise books, dedicated to checkmates in 1 or more moves, will help you to progress in the field of tactics. A facet of the game of chess that you must absolutely master to have a winning game in the long run. These chess puzzle books are offered for free by its author (Regis Warisse) in order to help each player to improve and have good chess moments as a bonus!

To download one or more books, simply click on the image or title below the image. A new window will open and you will be able to view the book and download it with the PDF reader options. You can also download them by right-clicking on the image with your mouse, then "Save link target as...".

You can download the books as many times as you like, print them (with recycled paper if possible), share them with your friends, on social networks, place them on your website, distribute them in your chess club, etc.

Good exercise for everyone!

The books are also available in French in the page :

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